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Chia Sẻ Đến Các Bạn Học Viên Một Danh Sách Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh mới nhất mà Hỗ Trợ Viết Luận Văn Mới cập nhập xong. Để giúp đỡ các bạn học viên có thêm nhiều lựa chọn cho bài luận văn thạc sĩ của mình hơn, Hỗ Trợ Viết Luận Văn luôn cập nhập những đề tài mới lạ, và hấp dẫn đến giáo viên hướng dẫn và hội đồng chấm điểm. Vậy đâu là những Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh hay, các bạn học viên cùng tham khảo bài chia sẻ sau đây của Hỗ Trợ Viết Luận Văn nhé.

Chia Sẻ Danh Sách Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh

Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh
Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh
  1. Use of Vietnamese in English Language Teaching in Vietnam: Attitudes of Vietnamese University Teachers and Students
  2. Motivating Non-English Major Students at Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry Through Task-Based Reading Activities
  3. Students’ Needs & Current ESP Curriculum at Marketing University: A Critical Look
  4. The Difficulties in Applying the Knowledge and Teaching Skills to English Teaching at Secondary Schools – Proposed Solutions
  5. Developing the Students’ Writing Ability Through Task-Based Writing Activities: an Experimental Study
  6. The effectiveness of Teaching and Learning Professional English in Accounting at the College of Finance and Customs
  7. Teachers’ and Students’ Collaboration for Better Learning Outcomes: an Action Research Project in An ESP Class at Ho Chi  Minh City Van Lang University
  8. Teachers’ and Learners’ Attitudes Towards Reading in English 10 Textbook
  9. Teaching Communicative English Grammar to Vietnamese High School in Vung Tau City
  10. The effects of Games on Students at Can Duoc High School in Learning English Grammar
  11. Using Games to motivate Singapore Polytechnic First–year Students at Nguyen Huu Canh Vocational School to learn English  Grammar
  12. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: An Investigation of the English Final Consonants Acquisition of Vietnamese Learners
  13. Exploring games in teaching Communicative Grammar to  Students at Duc Pho High School, Quang Ngai Province
  14. The Perils of being an ESP Teacher Students’ Learning Strategies at Hochiminh City Industry and Trade College: A Gender Perspective
  15. Suggested Vocabulary Learning Strategies for The Eleventh Graders at Hoang Thai Hieu Highschool, Ninh Minh Town, Vinh Long Province to Enrich Their Vocabulary Knowledge
  16. Test Preparation as A Teaching Strategy: A Case Study of HUS
  17. A Critical Look at The Course-Book LIFELINESELEMENTARY for Non-English Majored Students at Binh Duong Teachers’Training College
  18. Language Learning Strategies of Second-year English Majors at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities
  19. Applying a Task-based Approach into Teaching Teenagers Effective Communicative Grammar
  20. The Impact of Pre-reading Strategy Instruction on Hung Vuong High school Students’ Reading Skill
  21. An Investigation of Reading Strategies of Non- Major English Students at An Giang University
  22. An investigation into writing assessment: The use of multiple choice and written assessment
  23. Positive effects of classroom interaction on students’ speaking skill
  24. The assistance of the web system in teaching listening skills at school of Education Practice
  25. Compliment responding strategies and patterns: Differences in the choice elicited from Vietnamese and American respondents
  26. An evaluation of achievement language test at Dong Da high school and somerecommendations
  27. An investigation into the use of textbooks and teaching approaches at English language center of Ca Mau Community College
  28. How quality of English language teachers affect students’ performance in high school, An Giang province
  29. Second language acquisition: Vietnamese students’ issues in using English “And”, “But”, “Or”, and “So”
  30. The use of communicative language teaching at grade 8 Tung Thien Vuong high school.
  31. Teaching critical thinking skills in language artsand social studies: Differences in teacher questioning levels
  32. Teachers’ perceptions of teaching English refusals
  33. The critical look into the tasks of the speaking section in Tieng Anh 10 ESP course books for physical therapy students at University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City: An investigation
  34. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: Culture’s influence on Vietnamese students’ behaviors in English learning classrooms
  35. English speaking skill of the students at the International School, Phu Nhuan district: Problems and Recommendati
  36. Teachers’ and students’ perception of Cultural Competence at Ca Mau Community College
  37. Effects of games in motivating students to speakat the Branch 11, Foreign Language Center of Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy
  38. A survey on Tra Vinh University English Department teachers’ and English-majored university students’ attitudes and views on the student’s book – Interactions 2 Listening/
  39. Investigating the application of task-based instruction in developing communicative competence for the 12th grader of English at Tran Hung Dao high school – Ho Chi Minh City
  40. Teaching integrated reading skills to English majors at An Giang University
  41. Effectiveness of English short stories on improving reading comprehension for English – majored freshmen at Binh Duong University
  42. Teacher’s and learner’s attitudes towards the use of games in teaching grammar at Dong Thanh high school
  43. A study of the Metacognitive strategies used by English non-majored students in an English reading comprehension setting at the University of Transport and Communications
  44. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: Investigating learning motivation at Da Phuoc high school in Ho Chi Minh city
  45. The use of the analytic scoring scale in assessing third year students’ portfolio assignments at Nong Lam University
  46. Investigating the effectiveness of genre-based approach in teaching recount genre to 11th graders of English at Tri An high school in Dong Nai province
  47. Impact of games on helping young learners recall vocabulary
  48. The impact of pre-listening activities on tenth graders’ listening performance
  49. An exploratory survey of the application of the communicative language teaching in improving the speaking ability of the junior and senior high school students at the International School
  50. An investigation into elementary English learners in speaking skill at Sang Tao Viet foreign language and computer science center

Gợi Ý Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh Hay Nhất

  1. An investigation of common written errors in English compositions made by Vietnamese students at the National College of Education – Ho Chi Minh city under the influence of native language transfer
  2. Integrating extensive reading in first-year English-major reading courses: A survey at Tra Vinh University
  3. The effects of role-play on improving the second-year English non-majored students’ speaking performance within the protocol context of tourism at Sai Gon Arts Culture and Tourism College
  4. Learners’ needs and interests and the use of teaching materials at Ly Tu Trong Technical College
  5. The effects of strategic content learning instruction on non-English majors’ oral presentation ability within the setting of learner autonomy
  6. An investigation into communication strategies of students of English major at Ba Ria – Vung Tau Teacher’s Training College
  7. CLT application in teaching English to non- English majored students at Vinh Long Teachers’ Training College and its barriers
  8. Learning style preferences of non-English major students at Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  9. Evaluation of the English textbook in accordance with learning needs of Accounting- Finance-Banking students at Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  10. The effect of indirect explicit grammar instruction operationalized by consciousness- raising tasks on EFL high school students’ mastery of English tense and aspect.
  11. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: Evaluation of English speaking teaching methods for grade 10 at Le Thi Hong Gam high school
  12. Investigating the effects of using prewriting graphic organizers on students’ writing performance
  13. Using games to improve learning vocabulary for non- English-majored students at BACLIEU University
  14. An investigation of the need for soft skills in learning business English
  15. An investigation into vocabulary learning strategies used by Vinh Thuan Junior high school EFL students
  16. The use of pair work and group work in teaching speaking to the first year non- English major students at Phu Lam college
  17. Using semantic mapping as a strategy to facilitate reading comprehension
  18. The value of contextualization in vocabulary instruction
  19. The effects of teaching grammar with games on Binh Tay eight graders
  20. The impact of activating background knowledge via pre-listening activities on non-English majors’ listening comprehension at Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  21. The discourse-based approach to teaching grammar for grade-eight students at Nguyen Van Nghi secondary school
  22. The use of group work in teaching speaking to Cho Lach secondary school nine graders
  23. The impacts of task-based speaking activities on English-major freshmen’s oral performance at Ba Ria
  24. Using video as an instructional tool to enhance sophomores’ essay writing performance at Faculty of Technical Education, HCMC
  25. The effects of authentic reading materials on the first year students at AN GIANG VOCATIONAL COLLEGE
  26. An investigation of vocabulary learning strategies of the English major students at BACLIEU
  27. The effects of the software with audiovisual texts on vocabulary learning of the ninth graders
  28. The effectiveness of using group work activities in teaching grammar to a large class multilevel class at the continuing education center of Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry
  29. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: The effects of the task-based activities on the grammar retention of high school students
  30. The effectiveness of teaching listening comprehension through reduced forms instruction: A focus on contractions within the setting of topic
  31. The effectiveness of using an electronic syllabus to teach the listening skill – A case study of tourism learners at Nha Trang University
  32. Towards improving English reading comprehension: An investigation into students’ use of metacognitive reading
  33. The impact of pre-listening activities on English-majored students’ listening comprehension at Ben Tre college
  34. Exploring the teaching of English pronunciation to non- major English freshmen at Tay Ninh Teacher’s Training College
  35. The Design and Development of English Writing Activities Based on the Moodle E-Learning Platform: the Effectiveness
  36. Using authentic audiovisual material to improve students’ listening comprehension at Kien Giang Technology- Economics college
  37. Effects of applying computer aids on learning vocabulary
  38. Factors affecting students’ speaking performance at Le Thanh Hien high school
  39. An investigation into the use of speaking and listening activities for grade 3 at Ho Van Hue primary school in HCMC
  40. A Study on The Application of Cooperative Language Learning in Teaching English Speaking Skill at The University of Information Technology
  41. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: A Study on Students’ Perceptions towards The Teachers’ Oral Feedback in EFL Classroom at New Oriental English School
  42. An Investigation into The Application of Communicative Language Teaching in Reading Classroom at Nguyen Tat Thanh High School
  43. Implementing Cooperative Learning to Improve Learning English Grammar at Le Minh Xuan High School
  44. Effects of Games on Learning Vocabulary of The Students at Vinh Phu Dong B Secondary School
  45. Investigating The Impact of Peer Feedback on Freshmen’s Writing Learning in The Department of Special Training Program at Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  46. An Investigation into The Implementation of Peer Assessment for Oral Presentation
  47. The Effects of Games on Learning English Grammar of Tenth Graders at Điền Hải High School
  48. Effects of Extensive Reading on Students’ Reading Comprehension and Attitudes at Dong Thap Vocational College
  49. Peer Feedback Implementation and the Effects of Trained Peer Feedback on Students’ Writing Quality at Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Tổng Hợp Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh

Danh Sách Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh
Danh Sách Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh
  1. Teachers’ Beliefs about The Application of Communicative Language
  2. Teaching in Teaching Speaking and Their Classroom Practices at The College of The People’s Security II
  3. Investigating the English Learning Motivation of non-English Major Freshmen in Thu Duc College of Technology
  4. Teachers’ Practice and Second Year Students’ Perception of Treatment Method for Spoken Errors in Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  5. The Impacts of Mind Mapping Strategy on Comprehension to The Eighth Graders at Tan Phu Secondary School
  6. An Error Analysis in Writing English Paragraph for The 11th Graders in Phan Viet Thong High School: A Longitudinal Study
  7. An Investigation into The Oral Communication Strategies Used by Grade 8 and 9 Students at Bui Thi Xuan Secondary School within The Setting of English Speaking
  8. Factors Causing Language Debilitating Anxiety on Oral English Performance of English-Majored Freshmen
  9. Pharmaceutical Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of English for Specific Purposes Reading Texts at Au Viet College
  10. The Use of Short Stories to Improve Young Learners’ Oral Fluency at A Language Center – An Experimental Study
  11. Towards A Framework for Designing An ESP Coursebook for Nursing Students in Bac Lieu Medical College
  12. The Effects of Visual Aids on English Language Vocabulary Teaching and Learning at Ngo Thoi Nhiem School in Binh Duong Province
  13. The Effectiveness of Peer Feedback on Graduate Students’ Writing Revision at HCMC Open University
  14. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: The Effect of Using Films by the Aesthetic Approach on the Listening Skill of the 11th Graders in Le Thanh Ton High School: A Quasi-Experimental Research Using Dictogloss to Enhance Students’ Grammar Competence
  15. An Investigation into the Relationship between Test-Takers’ Metacognitive Strategy Use and EFL Listening Test Performance
  16. The Effectiveness of Powerpoint on Vocabulary Retention in Reading Comprehension of EFL First Year Students at Long An University
  17. The Effectiveness of Task-based Language Teaching on Learning to Use Grammatical Structures: A Case Study
  18. An Investigation into Oral Communication Strategy Use of English Major Students in Speaking Classes at Hue University of Foreign Languages
  19. Factors Affecting The Teaching and Learning of ESP at The College of The People’s Security II
  20. Using Role-play to Enhance First-Year Non-English Major Students’ Oral Communication Performance at Ho Chi Minh City Van Lang University
  21. The Effectiveness of Using Video Materials in Teaching Vocabulary for First Year Students at Phu Lam College
  22. An Investigation into The Use of Learning Strategies in English Reading of Second Year Students at Information Technology College, Ho Chi Minh City
  23. The Current Situation of Using Differentiated Instruction in Teaching English Speaking Skill at Vien Dong College
  24. An Investigation into Learners’ Attitudes towards The Application of Porfolios in EFL Writing Classes
  25. The Use of Pictures to Engage Young Learners in Speaking Activities at New Oriental English School
  26. An Investigation into High School EFL Teachers’ Views about Extensive Reading and The Current Practice in Tay Ninh City
  27. An Investigation into The Common Errors in The Use of English Phrasal Verbs by English-Majored Students at Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  28. An Investigation into Perceptions of Learning Reduced Forms in Listening Comprehension at Tay Ninh
  29. Teacher Training College
  30. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: The Use of Eliciting Techniques to Enhance Learners’ Speaking Ability at Tien Giang High School for The Gifted
  31. An investigation into elementary learners’ attitudes towards speaking skills and the communicative tasks used in the TOEIC classes at CEFALT
  32. Using News stories to teach listening skills to 11th graders at Hoang Le Kha high school for the Gifted in Tay Ninh
  33. Effectiveness of Storytelling on Children’s Reading Comprehension at Duong Minh Language School
  34. Teachers’ and Students’ Perception on Correction of Writing Errors Investigating
  35. The Use of Group Work for Grade 11 in Speaking Class at Nguyen Hue High School
  36. The Effects of Mind Mapping on The 12th Graders’ Vocabulary Learning at Nguyen Van Khai High School
  37. An Investigation into The Effects of Using Games on Students’ Vocabulary Learning at International American Language Center
  38. An Investigation into Grammar Learning Strategies of Non-Major English Students at Ho Chi Minh Industry and Trade College
  39. Attitudes towards Using Games in Pre- reading Activities: A Nguyen Quang Dieu 11th Graders’ Perspective
  40. A Study of Classroom Activities in Debate Classes under The Light of Communicative Language Teaching in
  41. Relation to Promoting English Majors Studying Speaking Skill
  42. An Investigation into Demotivating Factors in English Learning at Ho Chi Minh City University of Natural
  43. Resources and Environment – Campus 2 Using Authentic Materials to Enhance 11th Graders’ Reading Comprehension at Chu Van An High School An Investigation into The Use of
  44. Groupwork in Teaching Reading Comprehension at Thap Cham High School, Ninh Thuan Province
  45. Developing English Vocabulary for Students through Extensive Reading at Nguyen Hue Primary School
  46. The effects of using pictures for teaching descriptive paragraph writing to the eleventh graders at Nguyen Khuyen High School
  47. The Effects of Noticing-Based Collaborative Feedback Training on EFL Students’ Writing Performance and
  48. Perceptions within The Setting of Genre- Based Writing Instruction
  49. The Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Stratergy on Non-English Majors’ Oral Communication Performance
  50. The Effectiveness of Mind Mapping in Teaching Reading Comprehension for Non-English Major Freshmen at Thu Duc College

Top Danh Sách Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh

  1. Investigating The Role of Data-Driven Learning in Improving Lexico-Grammar and Overall Writing Performance of EFL Learners at American Academy
  2. Language Center Using Situational Dialogues to Improve Young Learners’ Speaking English at Super Youth Language School
  3. The Effectiveness of Games on Phan Chu Trinh High School Grade 10 Students’ Learning Vocabulary
  4. The Impacts of Rhetorical Schema on English Majors’ Listening Comprehension in Academic Situations within An EFL Teaching and Learning Context
  5. The Effects of Semantic Mapping Instruction on Reading Comprehension of The 11th Graders at Nguyen Truong To High School
  6. The Effects of Using Role Play Activities by The Task-Based Language Teaching Method on The Speaking Skill of The 11th Graders in Le Thanh Ton High School: A Quasi-Experimental Study
  7. Enhancing Learners’ Pronunciation through English Pop Songs Intermediate Non-English-Majored Students at Sai Gon University
  8. Metacognitive awareness of EFL reading strategy use of students at Nguyen Van Linh High School
  9. A survey of using technology to assist language learning of english major students at Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  10. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: The employment of self-regulated strategies in writing process by english-major freshmen at HCMC Open University
  11. An investigation into english intonation of English major students at Khanh Hoa University
  12. An investigation into common errors in Vietnamese-English translation made by third-year english major students at Thu Dau Mot University
  13. Collaborative writing affects students’writing quality: A case study at Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  14. Impacts of the implementation of the prosess genre approach to teaching writing on second-year english majors’ writing at Khanh Hoa University
  15. Effects of collaborative learning on writing skills and attitudes of intermediate non-english major students at english zone center of Hoa Sen University
  16. Common translation errors (Vietnamese – English) committed by the third-year english major: A case at Dong Nai technology University
  17. A study on effects of storytelling on speaking performance among students of english at The university of Transport and Communications – Campus 2
  18. Differentiated effects of reformulation versus reconstruction tasks on EFL highschool students’ writing performance within the context of genre based instruction
  19. Extensive reading patterns and attitude of EFL adult learners in Australia International English Center
  20. Enhancing students’ writing skill at College of Foreign Economic Relations through blended learning with feedback activities on Facebook platform
  21. The use of first language in teaching English vocabulary to elementary level learners: A study at Vietnamese American English center
  22. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: The impact of using language game-based instruction on young learners’ vocabulary retention: A quasi-experimental study
  23. A study into EFL learner motivation
  24. An investigation into the effects of students’ use of metacognitive and cognitive strategies or students’ reading performance at lac Hong University
  25. An investigation into the effects of content langugage integrated learning on EFL learners’ writing motivation and writing performance at YOLA
  26. Investigating english major students’ beliefs in speaking skill development and their practices of using learning strategies
  27. Demotivating factors in EFL reading classes: An investigation into teachers’ and students’ perspectives at Nguyen Huu Canh vocational school, District 7, Ho Chi minh City
  28. The effect of metacognitive strategies on listening comprehension of non-English major freshmen
  29. Effects of concept maps on reading comprehension of grate-ten students at Tri Đuc High school
  30. The effects of self-regulated reading strategy instruction on EFL students’ reading comprehension and motivation
  31. Lecturers’ and students’ perceptions towards the course book international express – new edition Impacts of video-assisted teaching on Truong Dinh
  32. High school students’ learning listening Teachers’ beliefs and actual classroom practices in EFL writing instruction at the selected high schools in Ho Chi Minh City
  33. The effects of meaning-focused activities on young learners’ speaking at Ho Van Hue primary school
  34. The impacts of video-based listening activities on students’ listening comprehension at Tan Binh continuing education center
  35. Learner autonomy as perceived by teachers and students at Nguyen Van Linh High school
  36. Investigating the effects of teaching communicative writing skills on intermediate EFL learners’ writing performance at Saigon vina language center
  37. An investigation into the effectiveness of using flashcards to get young EFL learners’ interest in learning vocabulary and their vocabulary retention at Doan Hung informatics foreign language school
  38. The investigation into the possible L2 selves of Vietnamese leaners of english as a foreign language in VATC
  39. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: Investigating washback effects of the revised english language test on teachers’ perceptions and teaching methods at Cao Thang technical college
  40. Toeic reading test: EFL non-majors’ attitudes towards and perceptions of reading comprehension and test-taking strategies
  41. Investigating EFL learners’ listening anxiety and metacognitive listening strategy use among freshman English major students at Ho Chi Minh Open University
  42. The impacts of demotivating factors on students’ english learning at Ton Duc Thang University
  43. The effect of task based language teaching on EFL learners’ writing performance
  44. Employment and attitudes towards schema- building activities in ESP reading comprehention
  45. Young learners’ perceptions on their teachers’ motivational strategies in English classrooms: A case study at Chu Van An
  46. Enhancing English speaking skill through project-based learning at Alphabet language center
  47. English teachers’ cultural dimension and its implication to teachers’ oral interaction in english classes in Ho Chi Minh City
  48. An investigation into reading comprehension strategies reported by english major freshmen at Nong Lam University
  49. The relationship between teacher cognition and classroom practices in english speaking instruction: An investigation at Europe Vietnam America English language center
  50. Students’ attitudes towards the project works in enhancing autonomous learning in English speaking II at Vien Dong College

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====>>> Dịch Vụ Viết Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ

Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh Mới Nhất Hiện Nay

  1. The attitudes of engineering students at Cao Thang Technical College towards task-based activities in reading comprehention
  2. Willingness to communicate in English inside EFL classroom among Vietnamese High school students: A case study at Tran Hung Dao High school, HCM City
  3. Effects of mind mapping on freshman’s reading comprehension ability at HCM City University of Transport
  4. The effects of Lextutor in dealing with vocabulary in intensive reading at Dong Thap Community College
  5. An investigation into the impact of project- based learning on learning motivation and speaking skills of EFL learners at FPT learners Jetking Academy
  6. An error analysis of english narrative paragraphs written by students at Vietnam Forestry University – Campus 2 in Dong Nai Province
  7. The effects of moodle activities on students’ writing performance at Tien Giang University
  8. The impacts of using powerpoint presentations to assist deductive and inductive grammar teaching on Van Lang University first year english majors’ achievement of grammatical knowledge
  9. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: The effects of video-conversation on English listening Comprehension: an investigation on pre-intermediate
  10. Students at north american (nis) english center An investigation into language learning strategy use among students at Ernst Thalmann high school
  11. Oral corrective feedback in EFL communication classes: Teachers’ beliefs and students’ preferences
  12. The employment of metacognitive reading strategies by Tesol Postgraduates intakes 9 and 10 at Ho Chi Minh City Open University
  13. Teachers’ beliefs on the use of authentic materials in teaching speaking at high schools in Ho Chi Minh City
  14. The effects of competitive team-based learning approach on learner reading performance and attitude among EFL learners at HCMC University of Technology (HUTECH)
  15. An investigation into the 11th graders’ EFL listening learning strategies at Duong Van Duong High School
  16. English-major students’perceptions of the role of culture in english language learning and their levels of intercultural communicative competence: A case study
  17. Teachers’ and learners’ attitudes toward blended learning for information technology program for first year students at FPT polytechnic college
  18. Teachers’ and fifth graders’ attitudes toward the use of Interactive Whiteboards at Le Thi Hong Gam primary school in EFL vocabulary teaching and learning
  19. Using videos to improve elementary students’ listening comprehension in foreign languages and informatics center of People’s Police college II
  20. An investigation into foreign language anxiety and its relationship with oral performance among English-major students at Thu Duc College
  21. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: The impact of cooperative learning on non- English major students’ anxiety level in EFL class
  22. Teachers’ and Students’ attitudes toward using of authentic reading materials in English for information technology at Binh Thuan Vocational College
  23. Enhancing learners’ writing fluency and syntactic maturity through journal writing practice
  24. The effects of reading strategy instruction on EFL students’ reading trategy use and reading comprehension
  25. The implementation of cooperative learning activities in the fifth grade english speaking classes: Primary teachers’ perceptions and practices
  26. The effects of using flashcards in teaching vocabulary to young learners in large classes
  27. An investigation into EFL learners’ speaking problems and speaking strategies at College of Foreign Economics and Relations (COFER) in Ho Chi Minh City
  28. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh: The effects of cooperative learning on EFL learners’ writing motivation, writing anxiety and writing performance
  29. Attitudes toward standard English and World Englishes among Vietnamese Adults learners of English
  30. The use of drama in teaching EFL speaking skills to second year EFL learners at Ho Chi Minh City University of Science
  31. Using mind mapping to teach second years cadets vocabulary in intensive reading: Aquasi- experimental study at telecommunication university in Nha Trang
  32. The effectiveness of extensive reading on elementary students’ vocabulary development at North America International School in Viet Nam
  33. The impacts of language games on vocabulary learning of young learners at My-Viet Foreign Language Center
  34. Gender difference in English learning motivation of non-English majors: The case of Thu Duc College of Technology



1.1. Background of the Study

It is undeniable that translation plays a significant role in human communication. It has been proved through the history that translation can be traced back to the year 3000 BC (Newmark, 1988) and the need for it increases day by day due to the social development and the demand for mutual understanding between peoples in the world. It has recently become so effervescent an activity that the twentieth century has been called the “age of translation” (Jumpelt, as cited in Newmark, 1988) or “reproduction” (Benjamin, as cited in Newmark, 1988). Furthermore, the globalization entails an increasing demand for translations thanks to the increase in international relationship, trade, and tourism. According to Allied Business Intelligence, the revenue of the world market in translation was US$11 billion in 1999 and supposed to be worth US$20 billion in 2004 (Sprung, 2000). The European Commission even values translation market at over US$30 billion annually, and estimates its growing rate at 15 – 18 percent per year (Anobile, 2000). In an attempt to depict the panorama of the world demand for translation in the research on Globalization and the Translation Industry in Saudi Arabia, Fatani (n.d) stated:

In fact, the world market in translation, already thought to be worth in excess of

£10 billion a year, barely satisfies a fraction of the demand created by a global economy

In Vietnam, the recent open-door policy and the integration into the World Trade Organisation have undoubtedly given impetus to the economic, political, cultural, and social exchange with foreign countries all over the world, which, as a consequence, has also created favourable opportunity for the development of the translation market. It is estimated that of 600 recruiting advertisements there are about 15-20 seeking for translators and interpreters, three times higher than the number of 4-6 in comparison with those seeking for teachers on Vietnamworks.com – the biggest website for job seekers in Vietnam (Hiep and Huong, 2007).

With such demands for translation, the way how translators are currently trained is one of the issues that should be highlighted. As Pym (1998) stated, “the market demand for translations is often cited as a determinant on the way translators should be trained”, the training program and methods need to gear students to knowledge and skills essential for their future profession as translators. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh

In many countries in Europe, North America, and Australia, there have been professional training programs appropriate with the requirements of respective translation markets (Hoang, 2007). In parallel with the program, the training methodology has also shifted with the aim of providing students with knowledge of translation theories and processes, skills (such as documentation techniques, terminology, use of tools, computer resources, etc.), and areas of specializations for translators such as law, economics, medicine, etc.(Aula.int, 2005).

In Vietnam, although the translator training at undergraduate level has also been implemented in several colleges and universities as in Hue, Ho Chi Minh, and Hanoi, normally, translation is one of the subjects embedded in the undergraduate foreign language program of some other institutions and the teaching of translation still receives little attention. In most institutions, translation teaching is taking place informally without either “clearly-defined curricular” (Gabr, 2001) or “proper training methodology” (Gabr, 2001). The amount of time spent on acquiring the knowledge and skills for translation is limited as it is used for linguistic and cultural aspects of the two languages (Thang, 2007). Of all the factors affecting translation teaching in Vietnam at present such as lack in materials and unsystematic syllabus design, traditional teaching method is also a problem worth considering (Thang, 2007).

The English Department at Tay Nguyen University started its training undergraduate in TESOL in 1996. However, translation teaching has recently beenlaunched since the training of undergraduate in English language began in 2005. Beside the deficiency in materials, methodology is seen as the most problematic issue to teachers in the Department as most of them are young and inexperienced in translation as well as in translation teaching. Currently, the translation teaching in the department based on the so-called “trial-error and arbitrary teaching methods” (Caminade and Pym, as cited in Aula.int, 2005).

From the above mentioned about translation teaching in Vietnam in general and at Tay Nguyen University in particular, it could be inferred that the teachers are unable to keep track with global changes of the market demand as well as training methodology. As a result, the students will be unable to function as professional translators because they are encompassed by unauthentic and old materials and lagging teaching methods, thus are not well equipped with required knowledge and skills in accordance with the changing market demand. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh

Despite the reality that a well-design and systematic curriculum is one of the key factors ensuring success in translator training, it is believed that appropriate teaching methods in which techniques employed for teaching the subject effectively also have no small contribution to taking shape of the required knowledge and  skills for students’ future performance in translation.

As a teacher of English with deep interest in translation, I believe that exploring classroom techniques currently used in translation classes can be a significant basis for the development of more effective techniques which then will contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning translation. Inspired by this, I chose to conduct my research on current classroom techniques for teaching translation in English Department at Tay Nguyen University. I hope my research will make some contribution to the improvement of teaching and learning translation at my university.

1.2. Aims of the study Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh

This project seeks to investigate what classroom techniques are currently used in the translation classes at Tay Nguyen University and how effective these techniques are in view of the teachers and students. Based on the findings, suggestions are given for development of more effective techniques.

This project particularly aims to answer the following questions:

  1. What classroom techniques are currently used by teachers in translation classes at Tay Nguyen University?
  2. How do the teachers view these techniques in terms of effectiveness?
  3. How do the students view these techniques in terms of effectiveness?
  4. What suggestions are given to develop more effective classroom techniques?

1.3. Scope of the study

This study was conducted in the English Department of Tay Nguyen University. The data were thus necessarily limited in scope, and could not be generalized to other contexts.

1.4. Significance of the study Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh

The project helps gain information about what techniques were currently used for translation classes and how effective these techniques were in view of teachers and students. On the basis of the findings, suggestions were given to develop more effective techniques to enhance the teaching and learning of translation in English Department at Tay Nguyen University.

1.5.m Structure of the study

This study comprises five chapters:

Chapter I – Introduction – has provided some background that lead to the research. The aim, scope, and significance of the study are also included in this section.

Chapter II – Literature review – will present the theoretical background of the study.

It focuses on the teaching of translation and its current issues.

Chapter III will describe the research methods employed in this study.

Chapter IV – Findings – will present the data and discuss the results of the study.

Chapter V – Conclusion and Implication – will summarize the findings and offer some implications for teaching translation and suggestions for further research. Đề Tài Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Tiếng Anh

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